• Apprentice on your own business idea
  • Design a 4P (People, Planet, Place, and Profit) social venture
  • Remote virtual internship with flexible hours
  • Challenging apprenticeship comprised of online learning and applied learning

Develop your own business idea!

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

Achieve a Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Certificate

Online learning component of the SVA Program

Successfully complete 12-hour Social Entrepreneurship 101 online course

Achieve a Social Venture Formulation Certificate

Step driven applied learning component of the SVA Program

Successfully complete Business Formulation Toolkit and submit 10-minute pitch video

Optional weekly group coaching calls 

Complete a Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem Field Study

Applied learning component of the SVA Program

Map your regional entrepreneur ecosystem (i.e., identify the people and programs that support entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship)

Identify three operating social ventures in your local economy, of interest to you

Apprenticeship Benefits


Work on your own business designed around your talents, passion, values and purpose


Applied learning across many disciplines: strategy, marketing, financial, planning...


Earn credentials (i.e., three certificates) and a professional reference from GCSEN


Flexible work schedule and work location, no commute time, no commute expenses

Apprenticeship Description

  • Position: Social Venture Apprentice
  • SVA Program Enrollment Fee: $500
  • Compensation: unpaid
  • Term of apprenticeship: 10 Weeks (80 hours)
  • Structure: flexible hours
  • College Credit: non-credit
  • Location: remote / virtual (work from anywhere)



On a scale of 1 to 10, What is
your confidence level on
your ability to start, launch
and scale your social

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Enhance your resume

After you complete your Social Venture Apprenticeship Program, you will have learned valuable skills that can be implemented in your social venture, or within a company as an owner / entrepreneur or employee

Build your skills

After your Social Venture Apprenticeship you will have learned valuable skills that can be implemented on your social venture or within a company as an intra-preneur

Build your network

You will have access to aspiring and experienced social entrepreneurs, making meaning & making money, moving the world to a better place via a private GCSEN Facebook group

What will you learn?

  • Key Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • Key Social Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • Key Social Innovation Concepts
  • Discover your Uniqueness
  • Start with the WHY
  • Social Problem Ideation/Selection/Analysis
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Marketing your Social Venture
  • Sales Process and Negotiation
  • Finance and Cash Flow Management
  • Startup Ecosystems
  • Building a Team
  • Creating a Go Forward Plan
  • And more......

Instructors and Mentors

Michael Caslin

CEO & Founder - GCSEN Foundation

Jay Rao - GCSEN Strategic Advisory Board

Dr. Jay Rao

Professor - Babson College

Steven Van Beaver

Stephen Van Beaver

General Partner - Pilot House Ventures

Social Venture Apprenticeship Program Schedule

Week 1: Social Entrepreneurship 101 Course

Week 2 – 7: Social Venture Formulation Toolkit 

Week 8-10: Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem Field Study

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