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The Venturator is a co-working/maker space, incubator/accelerator, curriculum lab and classroom created to help nurture and support social enterprises with a 4P Impact (people, planet, profit, and place).

In affiliation with FALA Technologies, a family-run custom manufacturing plant, GCSEN will give entrepreneurs the unique ability to take their idea from concept to commercialization!

THEOS Tenant Incubator/Accelerator Plan

THEOS (Together Helping Eachother Succeed) memberships require a minimum lease of 3 months.

Resident Desk

  • $400/month
  • Access to a permanent desk Monday thru Friday 7am – 11 pm
  • Access to a conference room
  • General Liability Insurance included
  • Includes utilities (but not Internet or phone)
  • Maildrop and building security included
  • Access to marketing, finance, and legal coaching session monthly (valued @$1,500/hr)
  • Join a 4P focused THEOS community of Meaning Maker social entrepreneurs
  • Security Deposit of $400 required
  • Application Fee: $50


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