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Our Mission is to accelerate social entrepreneurship in higher education by accelerating an academic institution’s ability to progress from “startup to scale” with their Social Entrepreneurship programs.

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Campus Benefits

Enhanced reputation, new fundraising opportunities, community impact

Student Benefits

Life changing learning experience, increased confidence, three professional certificates, professional reference, and new career options

GCSEN Support

The GCSEN team will support your institution in the implementation of your custom Startup to Scale checklist

Startup Phase

Social Venture Internship ($500 per student)

  • Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Certificate (10-12 hour online course)
  • Social Venture Formulation Certificate (40-100 hours, investor pitch/prototype)
  • Entrepreneur Ecosystem Mapping Certificate (10 hour field study)

    Meaning Makers Boot Camp ($5000 per student)
  • Host “Meaning Makers” Boot Camp (intensive 60-80 hours, plus pre-work)
  • Camp Close-out Report and media generation to drive Scale Phase fundraising

    Campus Customization Consulting ($5000 per day plus travel, minimum 5 days)
  • Support Startup Phase co-fundraising to fund Startup Phase
  • Develop a Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem Map (internal and nearby campus)
  • Develop a customized Scale Phase strategy, launch & fundraising plan
  • Provide Scale Phase co-fundraising support

    Joint Program Development ($500,000)
  • Co-develop a customized program
  • Collaborate on the development of a Regional or Network Hub

Scale Phase ($2M per year for five years)

     Content: video case studies, course materials, leverage deliverables created collaboratively with other faculty members of the SES Institute

     Certificates: Small Business Professional Certificate Program, SVI Program

     Executive Education Program (for mid-market firms)

     For-credit courses and curriculum (MBA, Emphasis Area, Minor)

     Rollout and execution of Network Hub for social entrepreneurship

     Faculty certification and annual reflect, faculty endowment

     Student scholarships

     Social Entrepreneur business plan competitions

     Social Entrepreneurship System development

     Annual ratings

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