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The 7 Pillars

1. Innovation

Constant innovation of technologies, frameworks, courses and content.

2. Teaching and Learning

Education of existing, emerging, and aspiring social entrepreneurs. Assures program quality and establish differentiation and competitive advantage.

3. Community

Facilitating communities of social entrepreneurs within & across academic institutions. Enables lifelong social entrepreneurship learning for students and faculty.

4. Thought Leadership

Influences social entrepreneurship policies and practices through thought leadership.

5. Marketing

Traditional and social media marketing approaches to increase student attraction. Increases number of students interested in social entrepreneurship.

6. Capital Access

Provides easier and more effective access to all viable sources of startup funding. Increases capital available to student social ventures.

7. Acceleration

Bridges learning to practice through coaching, mentoring and other business acceleration approaches. Accelerates growth and success of student social ventures, turning dreams into realized dreams