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Welcome to GCSEN, the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network, a home for all social entrepreneurs.

GCSEN’s Vision, Mission and Strategy

Why / What / How

WHY – OUR VISION at GCSEN is to promote greater peace and prosperity in local community economies and eventually regional, national and international economies by supporting a growing generation of social entrepreneurs, their teachers, mentors who support them and the impact investors, entrepreneurial philanthropists and sponsors who seek to invest in them.  We seek to increase the number of prosperous social entrepreneurs and by doing so we will strengthen local economies while improving the rate of environmental stewardship necessary for a civil, prosperous, self-governing, free society.

WHY – OUR MISSION at GCSEN is to accelerate social entrepreneurship in higher education through innovative programs and learning technologies.   GCSEN will build a global network of faculty, practitioner-academics, students, practicing social entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial philanthropists all connected and supported by our strategic cloud and higher education partners. 

WHAT – THE BENEFITS of the GCSEN entrepreneurial learning system:

  1. Enable licensed academic partners to offer social entrepreneurship courses in a high impact, technology leveraged, cost effective way.  Licensed partner sites will be able to cost-effectively scale the offerings of Social Entrepreneurship to a growing demand from the student and adult learner and by doing so will earn market place accolades in a wide range of rankings/standing, enrollment and program fees.
  2. Enable social entrepreneurs to more effectively and efficiently make meaning and money; create significance and achieve success.  

HOW – OUR STRATEGY is to support strong and sustainable social entrepreneurs and the teaching/learning community and impact investor/entrepreneurial philanthropist network that supports by focusing on the following:

  • Arena: Provide Social Entrepreneurship courseware, faculty certification training, social entrepreneur certificate courses powered by innovative learning management systems to increase the ability of universities, colleges and community colleges at the graduate and undergraduate level (higher education) to accelerate social entrepreneurship- a powerful market-based transformative force in local economies and beyond.
  • Vehicle: Provide contract services to colleges and community colleges as well as regional training seminars, retreats and web services.
  • Differentiator:  Teacher and practitioner focused with all activities oriented towards advancing the culture of Social Entrepreneurship: language, skills, values, behaviors, case studies and powerful cloud based data services. 
  • Stage: Support new and growing academic centers seeking to accelerate the offerings of social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs themselves seeking to enter the field or launch their ventures and support social enterprises seeking to scale or renew their ventures.
  • Economic Logic: Licensed fee-based contract services for:
  1. Higher and continuing education partners
  2. Foundation and corporate partners
  3. Public access regional seminars
  4. Community Web services
  5. Specialty Programs including Summer Certification and Retreats for those who seek to promote who build sustainable social enterprises for local economies that are focused on “People, Profit and Planet”