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Welcome to GCSEN, the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network

Definition: Social Entrepreneurs are engaged people who want to start-up or improve their existing businesses while simultaneously addressing a local or global social problem with a related or parallel social project or initiative.

GCSEN’s Vision, Mission, and Strategy

The MISSION at GCSEN is to accelerate social entrepreneurship in higher education and for individuals wanting to become social entrepreneurs through innovative programs and learning technologies. GCSEN is building a global network of faculty, students, practicing social entrepreneurs, business experts, and entrepreneurial philanthropists, all connected and supported by our strategic platform.

The VISION at GCSEN is to promote greater peace and broader prosperity in local, regional and global economies by training a new generation of social entrepreneurs.  We support their teachers and mentors who support them, and the impact investors, entrepreneurial philanthropists and sponsors who seek to invest in them. We seek to increase the number of prosperous social entrepreneur activists, thus strengthening local economies while addressing entrenched social ills and improving environmental conditions, social justice, and personal well-being for all people.

The STRATEGY of GCSEN is to support social entrepreneurs from start-up to staging, ensuring their businesses and social projects are sustainable. We do this through the practical experiences we offer Base Camps, College Coursework, Special Events & Presentations, On-Line Courses, and through our Meaning Maker TV platform, all supported by our post-experience THEOS on-line platform.